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    • Image size must be 3000x3000 pixels and no more than 6000x6000 pixels.
    • use a PNG(preferred), JPEG or GIF file format.
    • If you have text on the artwork, it must match the release title.
    • Make sure the image is not blurry or pixelated.
    • Make sure you have the rights to use the imagery.
    • Do not use URLs, social media logos, pornographic images or reference to brands.
    What's the title of the release?
    • If you're rleasing one track, make sure the release name is the same as the track name.
    • Generic titles may be rejected by other music services, so avoid descriptions like 'track 1' or 'music for sleep'
    What is the name of the main artist on the release?
    • Make sure the artist's name is spelled correctly and consistently across all tracks
    • Unless you're listing a stage name or band name, please format like this: First name Last name.
    • Other music services will reject generic titles like 'actor' or 'singer' so be sure to use proper nouns.
    • Onlyt one artist name should go in eah field, unless you are listing mulitple artists that record as a group(e.g., Simon & Garfunkel).
    What is the primary genre of this release?
    Does anything inyour release contain explicit content?
    Do you want to add a label name?
    Has this album been released before?
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    Complete the missing information and make sure the order of your tracks is correct as it can't be changed later.

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    I understand my release may be rejected from music services if I don't correctly lebel tracks as explicit that contain swear words or obscenities.

    I recorded this music, have the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute the sound recording, and have all necessary rights to license the sound recording pursuant to this agreement and to collect royalties therefore.

    I am not using any other artists' names in my name, song titles or album title without thier approval. "

    Help and guidelines

    What type of content can not be distributed?

    Content you don’t own the rights to as well as classical music, podcasts, audio books and white noise can not be distributed. Every release will be checked; if your content is flagged as a remix, D.J set, mashup or music that you don’t have the right to,  your content will be removed from our website and you will not have access to here.Learn more about copyright infringement.  Note that if you have signed this content to a label or distributor, you may not have the rights to distribute it.

    How long before my release is live?

    Once approved, each music service has its own validation process and this can take up to a few weeks.

    Can I edit my release after it;s been distributed?

    Yes, You can make changes to anything except the tracks and their order.

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